Wednesday, August 26, 2009


For the last 50 days I've gone 100% raw. I've lost 9 pounds thus far.

Initially I started with the challenge to eat raw foods for a week. But I liked it so much and had so much fun, that I have continued, a day at a time, until now. While I am not promising to remain 100% raw, I do pledge to incorporate as much raw food in my diet as possible. [Note: Living in New England, I'm only too aware that cold winter days may set my desire towards consuming hot meals.] Yet, because I've learned so much about the benefits of going raw, I intend to keep at it.

I've been on a health journey since age 5 when my beloved maternal grandmother died from cancer. As a young child might do, I vowed to find the cure for cancer and have been focused on health ever since. As different members of my extended family (as well as friends) have gotten sick or died, their circumstances have kept alive my commitment to find viable treatments.

Although I began to study medicine in college, I found myself more drawn to psychology and spirituality. I believe that mind and body mutually affect each other and that spirit, or cosmic energy, overrides both.

Increasingly my search has focused on natural approaches to health and healing. About 10 years ago I was introduced to supplements, specifically glyconutrients, and witnessed many people recover from life-threatening conditions by changing their diet and adding supplements. Strangely enough, other people with similar conditions following similar protocols were unable to get well. How could I make sense of these conflicting stories?

I've concluded that healing is more than cause and effect. Each person being a unique entity requires a unique approach. The best advice I can offer someone looking to heal is be open to trying many things. I myself have benefited from various alternative practices. If you strongly desire to heal, you WILL heal.

My current health regime, besides eating raw, consists of supplements (omega 3, phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, to name a few), daily meditation and exercise. I've got a lot to learn and am enjoying the journey. Hopefully this vehicle will enable me to meet like-minded people. As the saying goes, when the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear.

To your good health!
Nancy Zare

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