Thursday, August 27, 2009

Key Lime Pie

The other day I bought key limes, which were on sale. Seeing them provoked a desire for key lime pie. Since going raw, I am having fun preparing dishes that I never made before, even those days when I cooked and baked. Eating raw has also given me the freedom to make desserts because I know that the ingredients are generally healthy.

Since I didn't have a recipe for key lime pie, I explored on the internet. Much to the chagrin of authors who would like me to purchase their cookbooks, I have found lots of recipes online to copy and download. In fact I quickly found about a half dozen.

Previously I made a pie crust using dates and nuts. Even baked, I'm not much for pie dough. So I concentrated on the filling. There seem to be a few variations. Shall I use avocados or young coconut as the main ingredient for making the filling? Or another recipe calls for mangos with psyllium seeds.

I have no experience with making raw pudding, which seems to be the basis for key lime pie. Because I've got a couple of avocados on hand, I'll use them today. In the mean time, I juiced about 20 key limes, which netted about 1 cup of juice. I added some zest. I found it difficult to grate these small fruits and that explains the small amount of zest available.

The recipe I settled on also prepares a frosting. Looking at the ingredients, almond milk, macadamia nuts, cashews, vanilla and sweetener, I suspect that this will yield a sort of whipped cream.

Although I don't have much experience preparing raw foods, I do enjoy cooking and am gifted with the notion of how foods combine. I've been able to transfer this understanding to raw foods. Bottom line: I don't follow recipes precisely. I usually get creative and add my own touch. My creativity is often triggered by the ingredients on hand, or lack thereof, as well as those items I like.

I'll let you know how my experiment turns out. Lacking a camera, I won't be able to take a picture. Hopefully in the future, I'll get one.

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