Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Demonstration

Thanks to my friend Patti who suggestions and organized this event, I gave my first presentation on Kangen water. It was a hit! I'm very happy.

About 3 weeks ago, Patti and I attended a demonstration and we both had similar reactions. While it was very informative, it seemed overly complicated and long. We both thought it needed to be simplified and shortened.

Although Patti has not yet purchased her own machine, she loves this water and comes regularly to my home to refill her jugs. She suggested that I do a demonstration and she would invite all her friends. I developed the copy and she sent out 40 invitations.

In the last week, I began telling a few of my friends about the event and knew that they would be coming too. Then I began to prepare for this evening.

First I wrote out my "speech". I find that this helps me organize my thoughts and plants some phrases in my brain so that when I speak extemporaneously, I know where I'm going and what I want to say. I shared my written speech with a few friends and got feedback. One woman, whom I recently met, suggested that the best way to do this type of presentation is to begin with stories. She said, information tells but stories sell.

So I abandoned my original script and followed her suggestion. Since my own stories seemed a bit weak, I asked my sponsor if he would share his via telephone. (He lives in Florida whereas I reside in Massachusetts.) I put him on speaker phone and he told about having a liver transplant that required him to take lots of immune-suppressant medications. As a result, his kidney function was gravely compromised and he was informed that he would next need a kidney transplant. However, he began drinking large amounts of Kangen water and his health was restored. Rather than 20 medications, he takes just 3 and no longer has kidney problems.

Another member of the team told his story via telephone. His father had died from acid reflux. Following in his footsteps, he too was diagnosed with the condition and found himself on various medications. The problem was so severe that his whole life revolved around taking these drugs. Once he started drinking Kangen water, the symptoms disappeared. Now he is drug-free and has no acid reflux.

I shared a couple of stories of women I have helped by sharing this water. One had acid reflux that required daily medication. Within 3 days, she was able to stop all drugs. The other person had severe morning sickness well into her 5th month of pregnancy. Within 2 days of drinking Kangen water, the morning sickness resolved and she is doing fine.

I've found that my weight has redistributed by drinking this water and my body is able to let go more easily of extra pounds. Moreover, the slight aches and joint pains that I was unaware were there, disappeared entirely, and then came back during the 5 days when I was out of town during Thanksgiving. Now I know for sure that the water benefits me.

After these stories I did several demonstrations. The first was to show the amount of anti-oxidants contained in Kangen water in comparison to other types of water. We used tap water, Penta, Poland Spring, SmartWater, VitaminWater, Fiji Water, Sprite, and Pelagrino. All of the other waters had positive ORP readings, meaning that they actually contribute free radicals and help age the body more rapidly. Kange water had negative 350 ORP reading, meaning it contains lots of anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals.

The next demonstration was the pH level. Most of the waters are acid with the exception of Fiji and tap water, which were both neutral, even a bit alkaline. Kangen water was highly alkaline, and it quickly alkalized the other waters, except for soda and Pelagrino.

It was the last demonstration that was most impressive. Using a cluster of tomatoes, I soaked them in plain tap water and strong Kangen water. I test for chlorine. Tap water is loaded with chlorine. After "cleaning" the tomatoes, the soaked tap water test negative for chlorine, whereas the Kangen soaked water was "dirty". Where did the chlorine go? Obviously, it was absorped by the tomatoes! So the tomatoes actually washed the water rather than the other way around. It made us all think about what kind of pesticides and acid rain are on our produce, as well as what we might be eating.

If you want more information about Kangen water, go to

My audience gave me feedback at the end and I appreciated their support. Thanks!

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