Friday, December 11, 2009

Super Charge Me

This week I attended a movie/lecture at Harvard University featuring Jenna Norwood and her movie, Super Charge Me. In contrast with Super Size Me, which documents one person's journey eating 30 days exclusively at MacDonald's, Super Charge Me shows Jenna's adventures eating raw foods for 30 days.

What prompted her to begin this path was her desire to look ravishing in a chorus girl costume that she hoped to wear for Halloween. When she tried it on months before the event, the mirror reflected back unattractive bulges. That motivated her to do something. Coincidentally a few friends had recently experimented with raw foods, which caused her to do some research. So she enrolled in a 21-day detox experience at Optimum Health Institute in San Diego. When she completed the program, she continued eating raw for the full 30 days.

Before beginning this month, she consulted her doctor and had various tests performed. The same battery of tests were repeated at the end. As expected, she lost about 15 pounds. Most of her blood work showed vast improvement. There were two exceptions: iron and B12 levels.

As a person who has been eating no animal products for many years, B12 levels could be a concern. However, as I've researched the topic, I've learned that many people, not just vegans, have low B12 levels. So I recently decided to add a sublingual supplement.

The point of the film is that eating living foods is a viable option and can lead to improvements in overall health. My own experience substantiates this conclusion.

Following the documentary, Jenna appeared and answered questions. I learned that she formed a raw food community in Sarasota, Florida, where she hails. So upon return, she began to meet like-minded people and participate in potluck get-togethers. With the prodding of her new friends, she eventually taught food preparation and later opened a raw food restaurant. Sadly the new building where the restaurant was going to be housed had a major flood and so this venture is temporarily on hold.

I liked how Jenna responded to people's inquiries. Although it was apparent that she advocates for raw food, she also is supportive of other choices. She admits that she has strayed several times, even though she feels better when eating living foods. I appreciated her comment to one questioner, "Just try it and judge for yourself."

As I listened to the audience reflect on this documentary, I recalled one quote that the movie cited from Margaret Mead. To paraphrase, it's easier to change a man's religion than his diet. So true.

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