Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Cold in Florida

Last Thursday I flew to Sarasota and then traveled south to Venice where I've been staying this week. If I were looking for cold weather, I could have remained in Boston where the temperatures are not much lower than where I am! It even snowed further north around Lakewood. Yikes.

I'm here to meet with the people who sponsored me into the Kangen water business. We've been working on creating a CD that tells how this water came to be. The story begins with the Hunza people. They have one of the longest life spans on the planet and enjoy robust health well into their 100s and beyond.

Years ago scientists trekked up the Himalaya mountains to verify what rumor spread: name that these men and women suffer little illness and enjoy longevity. Complete with electrocardiograms and other high tech equipment, the doctors validated the Hunza's extraordinary health. Other researchers investigated the factors responsible and concluded that they, like a few other select people across the world, drink glacial water that has distinct molecular structure and properties, which promote vitality.

Now the real work began, how to create water that had these same characteristics. The Russians were the first to succeed, but their equipment was cumbersome. Later the Japanese developed a machine that ionized regular tap water, thus making it possible for everyone to have access to this kind of water.

What's the big deal, you ask? Water is just water. No it isn't. Depending on the source water may be impure, contaminated with waste products, or lack the hexagonal rings that biological organisms prefer. It may be acidic as measured by pH levels, have insufficient oxygen, and it could also contribute free radicals and thus oxidize the body.

All these factors are what differentiate water, one from another.

One of the simplest things we can do to enhance our health is to drink hexagonal water that is alkaline and contains an abundance of anti-oxidants and stabilized oxygen. It's even more effective than changing diet, which is more of a challenge to people than switching religions!

Have you tested the water you've been drinking lately? If it comes from the tap, a filter or a bottle, chances are it's missing some key characteristics. Chances are it's pentagonal in shape, rather than hexagonal. Chances care it's highly acid (although tap water by law must read neutral, about 7.0 on the pH scale). Chances are it's full of free radicals and has a positive oxidation potential. Chances are it's lacking in minerals and the vital elements that our bodies need for good health.

It may be cold here, but I'm learning a lot.

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