Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Decisions, decisions

Selecting a new website was difficult. I wanted just the right sound and look to the name. It had to do with water and I thought about whether to use WellnessWiz, my company name, as part of its title. However, I decided against as it sounded slightly obscene. Instead I selected

Once I had the website, I needed business cards and other materials. So VistaPrint was my next stopping place. Slowly I found the graphics that brought the website to life. Then I chose several kinds of items: business cards, letterhead, note pads, sticky notes, banners, lawn sign, and magnets for the car. I think I got a couple of freebies, a wall calendar or pen.

Now I have to put content on the site. Or, better yet, redirect it. All of these activities require lots of decision-making effort. Strangely enough, I'm a fast decision maker on certain things, and extremely slow on others. What does that say? In business I'm quick to make decisions. Personally, aesthetically, I'm quite slow.

For example, I saw a message this morning from a member of the raw food community presenting a new business opportunity. I immediately opted to sign up. Granted the cost was nothing to join. Later there will be costs. Nor did it take much in the way of thought for me to send it to my friends.

You might be interested too. Here are the details.

From:The Organic Acres Family
RE: Your Organic Acres Membership

Now that you have chosen to become a garden owner/member you can help to spread the word and start earning great referral fees. It's free and easy. Just start sending people to your website then watch your community build by clicking on your genealogy link.

Your Personal Marketing Website URL:

Every member you refer that signs up and then leases a bed or becomes a paying member after we launch, you will receive money placed into your General Store Account or placed in your bank account.;
As a FREE member tell others about this amazing program you can earn up to $5 per month on every Garden Member you refer for one level deep.

Or upgrade to at least a basic member and you can earn up to $10 every month for every Garden Member you help join and up to $10 every month for every Garden Member they help join!

For 5 levels deep...!

There is no limit as to the number of new members you may sponsor and get paid on. However this next year there will be only 4,000 full Gardens or 8,000 Half Gardens available to be leased! So get busy sponsoring because we intend to have all the Gardens leased and ready to start working by January of 2010.

So this was a quick decision. Selecting a website was slow.

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