Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boston Vegetarian Society Food Fest

I attended the Boston Vegetarian Society 14th Annual Food Fest. Last night and today I volunteered. My duties included putting table coverings on the exhibitor tables; unloading and pricing books; copying materials at a copy shop; helping patrol the recycle receptacles, refilling the give-away basket, and selling water. There were a few other stray tasks I did along the way.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I especially appreciated hearing Dr. Michael Gregor present. Each year he culls through thousands of articles on health and nutrition, and selects tasty morsels that he develops into a quiz. He rewards a few of the audience members who are clever enough to get the answers right with a disc containing some of the latest findings. How I covet that disc!

I also purchased several recipe books at half price or less. My bounty included:
Celebrating our Raw Nature, by Dorit
Healthful Cuisine, 2nd edition by Anna Maria Clement with Chef Kelly Serbonich
The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon and
Alive in 5, Angela Elliott.

I also picked up a DVD, Eating, which first prompted me to become vegan.

Already I devoured the recipe books eyeing several good choices to try. I met a fellow at the Fest who is buff. He said he ate vegan but couldn't go raw because he enjoys cooking too much. What a hoot! I retorted that I've never had so much fun preparing living foods, as it really gets my creative juices flowing.

There were lots of foods to sample and purchase. Seeing all the people munching away made me hungry. A few times I took a bite of some of the cooked fare. Surprisingly I was immediately aware of heavy and dense was the food. I looked forward to coming home this evening and indulging in my own clean living meal (Thailicious noodles). I used kelp noodles as the base.

Soak kelp noodles in alkaline water (add lemon or lime to plain water)
In the meantime, blend cashews (1 cup and/or peanuts).
Add juice from a lemon,
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar,
1 inch of fresh ginger,
1 inch or so of lemon grass,
1T. coconut oil,
pepper, salt to taste.

I also have to add some water because the sauce gets a bit thick. I pour it over the noodles, which I cut into small pieces, and then top with fresh veggies. Today I had carrots, celery, peas, and corn. Yummy! It's an easy dish to prepare and I love eating it.

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