Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food Matters

I was fortunate to attend a screening of the documentary, Food Matters ( It was powerful. Sadly most of the people raised in the US are unaware how our attitudes and ideas about food (and medication) have been shaped by society. We weren't born to eat the highly processed packed and fast foods that make up the majority of the American diet. We're killing ourselves with our food choices. Just look around and see the sickness that increases daily. Note the number of children born with challenges. How do we account for this? It's lifestyle, plain and simple.

I'm learning that asking a person to make changes in their food choices is more controversial and more highly resisted than almost any other activity. We fiercely hold onto our old ideas about what to eat. We lament that "it tastes good." Is the tongue the only part of our body we consult?

Last week I learned how to test whether the body wants a particular food or medication. The technique is to hold the item against the solar plexis with both hands, close your eyes, then inhale deeply and hold. Now exhale slowly. Let your body become a pendulum. Does it move forward? This means your body desires the item. Does it move backward? This means your body repels the item. Occasionally, no movement occurs, which means the item is neutral, neither good nor bad for you. However, you can always make more positive choices.

You can do this same technique to determine the dose of medication or supplements.

Back to the movie. According to many of the guest speakers, eliminating cooked food and adding more vegetables to our diets would enhance health. For people who are struggling with life-threatening illness, taking this step immediately could save their lives. How many of us are willing to do this without having our backs against the wall?

A few years back I saw a different document, Eating ( It changed my life. After hearing that every human disease could be traced to eating animal products and that each disease could be reduced or reversed by avoiding them, the choice was easy. I became a vegan that very day. The movie also documented the cruel treatment of animals raised for food including dairy cows and chickens. If you're a pet lover, think carefully about your food choices.

Food Matters makes a strong case for personal responsibility. Once you know the facts, would you hurt yourself and shorten your lifespan? I won't.

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