Monday, October 19, 2009


As a vegan and now raw foodist, I'm aware of the concern about whether I'm getting all the nutrients I need. Yet, as I continue to read, I find this topic filled with contradictory information. As a result, I'm unable to figure out what's my best course of action. I'm curious to know what others are thinking and doing.

Ten years ago I began taking quality supplements. My diet was poor and I wasn't doing much in the way of enhancing my health. So the supplements made a big difference. Several conditions were relieved and I was convinced that supplements were beneficial.

However, as I began to observe others, I realized that some people did not get the same good results as I did from supplementation. How could I make sense of this ? -- especially because I thought that everyone needed certain ones and our food was deficient in providing them. Slowly my mind has opened to the idea that each person is a unique individual with unique biology. What works for one person doesn't necessarily translate into the same results for another.

When I faced a health challenge 5 years ago (broken wrist that required surgery; still can't make a fist or bend the last digits in my fingers), I searched for and experienced many alternative healing options. Some made a big difference; others less so. I've conclude that if a person truly desires healing, then keep looking and trying out various approaches. There are some excellent ways to improve and maintain health. Just be open to them!

So here I am, 3 months into eating 100% raw, wondering whether the cold weather will derail this food plan, and trying to figure out how to optimize my self care. I exercise regularly; I eat raw foods in abundance; I drink alkaline water; I take ionic foot baths twice a week; I meditate daily; I pursue other spiritual practices. Should I supplement? What about B12?

What do you do to optimzie health?

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