Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm not an expert on detoxification. However, I'm convinced that life (and death) begins in the colon. So keeping the bowels clean can only be a positive step towards overall good health. And my mission all along has been to achieve optimal health.

With the approach of the vernal equinox (September 21), I've decided to do a juice fast and cleanse. I've been eating vegan for over 3 years and raw for the last 2 months. One might conclude that my system should be relatively clean. I hope that's true, but I have no way of knowing.

Why a juice fast? From what I'm reading it appears that fruit and vegetable juice, when the fiber is eliminated, requires very little from the digestive system to process. Thus a juice fast enables the body to rest, as well as to release any build up of toxic materials. Certain fruits and vegetables are known to assist in detoxifying various chemicals and toxins.

Along with this fast, I'm also considering colonics. I've never had such a procedure, which is basically a long-lasting enema done under the guidance of a certified practitioner.

My last idea for cleansing is a therapeutic foot bath. I've seen this machine which gently vibrates and contains water (possibly other agents -- I don't know). You soak your feet in the tub where toxins are then drawn out. Depending on the color of the water and other factors, a skilled practitioner can determine which systems of the body are being cleansed.

All these approaches are new to me. I welcome your ideas and experience.

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