Thursday, September 3, 2009

Garden warmed tomatoes

I am blessed. What a joy it is to walk into my garden and pluck a vine-ripened tomato, still warm from the sun, and pop it into my mouth to consume! Can't find anything sweeter or more delectable.

Despite the plethora of rain this Spring and Summer, my garden is finally producing a wealth of tomatoes. Earlier I enjoyed sugar snap peas. However, the season has come and gone. Last week I planted a second crop and I hope there is enough growing time to see them mature. The radishes are already coming through the earth. However, the kale seeds and spinach have yet to announce themselves.

I enjoy gardening. Not just vegetables either. I also appreciate flowers and fruits. I have a wonderful raspberry patch which has dwindled over the years, but still tastes better than any store-bought commodity. Also the strawberries are like ground cover. They infiltrate every piece of dirt in the garden. This is the first time I'm enjoying a second crop in a season. That's how unusual the weather pattern has been this year.

While I rave about these other plants, tomatoes top the list. I won't eat tomatoes except this time of year, when they're vine-ripened and warm from the sun. It's my favorite summer flavor. I especially like the cherry tomatoes, although I also am growing grape tomatoes, jetstar (super-sized), and lemon tomatoes (less acid).

I'm in heaven.

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