Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lost 2 pounds

In the last few weeks I lost 2 pounds. I'm not looking to find them. They can remain lost. I'm thrilled that they decided to leave my body and convert to energy. I've got about 15 more such pounds to let go.

I've struggled with being overweight most of my childhood and adulthood too. Some time around the age of 5 I gained weight, enough so that I couldn't wear regular-sized clothing. My mom and I had to shop in the chubby department. As a little person, I didn't understand. Over the years, it became embarrassing and shameful to be extra large.

I was dieting at age 8. I was the youngest in an overweight family. So going on a diet was a family activity. By age 10 I had memorized the caloric content of hundreds of foods. My oldest brother went out of his way to make home-made avocado ice cream to celebrate the day when I reached goal weight. Ice cream and avocados topped the list of high calorie items.

The family had contests and offered incentives for those who could lose weight quickly. But the real prize was to resume eating the way I used to eat. I was unaware that this very behavior was what packed on the weight in the first place!

As a teenager I tried more desperate measures that included amphetamines and other drugs. These were prescribed and administered by a bariatric specialist and approved by my parents. The same yo-yo pattern persisted and followed me into adulthood.

Like many people, I learned that exercise could burn calories and increase metabolism. Fortunately I liked being active and easily added swimming and yoga into my routine. Later I tried a trampoline called a cellucizer. Despite claims of how others lost weight and kept it off, the best I could do was not to gain more.

Last year I switched workout programs and began using Slim in 6, then TurboJam, Hip Hop Abs, and now P90. Unlike the other exercises I saw a difference in my shape. The weight was reluctant to leave, but my body size was changing.

A couple of months ago I decided to try eating 100% raw. I've learned that this is a healthy lifestyle, albeit a challenging one in this society. However, with summer in full swing, I figured it would work. Since beginning this food plan, I've lost 10 pounds. What a gift! The last 3 weeks I've barely exercised and still lost those 2 pounds I mentioned at the opening. I'm amazed and gratified.

So although I wondered if I would continue eating raw as the weather changed, I'm so happy with this weight loss that I'll probably remain raw for a while. Next week to mark the autumnal equinox, I'm going on a juice fast and cleanse. Perhaps I'll be rewarded by even more lost pounds. Hey if you find them, keep them!

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