Friday, September 11, 2009

Raw or not, they're delicious

I've been a raw foodist for over 2 months. Not much of a feat when you compare it to some of the better known members of the raw food community who have eaten this way for decades. However, it feels like an accomplishment to me.

Having acquired a dehydrator recently, I've been on the prowl for recipes where I could make use of it. Yesterday I concocted a granola bar and I'm delighted with the result.

I combined soaked flax seeds with rolled oats (are they raw?). Next I mixed in chopped dates and nuts. I also found some goji berries and maca root powder to blend in, making the mixture a super food!

I added some sweetener, to one batch agave nectar and to the other raw honey. Since the batch didn't hold together, despite the flax seeds which make a gel-type substance, I decided to add water. This seemed to be the magic trick. The water helped make a glutinous mass that I could shape into bars.

After letting the ingredients settled in the refrigerator for a few hours, I then made bars and put them in the dehydrator. Overnight they became solid, chewy, delicious, packable. I froze half and have been munching on the remainder that I put in an air-tight tin. I've been looking for some kind of raw food energy bar that could travel well. I just found it. What do you do

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