Thursday, September 17, 2009

My first colonic

In a few days the autumnal equinox occurs. That's when the sun passes over the equator and there is an equal amount of time both day and night. Officially in the northern hemisphere, we call this moment the start of Fall. as the days grow short and the weather changes, because we're biological organisms, we respond. I like to commemorate this time period that allows me to transition between the seasons.

This year I decided a cleanse made sense. So I decided to do a raw juice fast, which I'll begin Sunday or Monday at the latest. In preparation for the dietary change, I gave myself the gift of a colonic, a colon cleanse.

Most people are unaware of how much fecal matter builds up in the colon. A famous story exists about John Wayne who allegedly had more than 40 pounds in his intestines upon death. That's a lot of bloat! However, the real issue is the toxicity.

Fecal matter is meant to be eliminated from the body because it is waste. So when it remains trapped in the colon, eventually it seeps into the rest of the body and may cause disease. If you've ever heard the expression, death begins in the colon, this is why. So live can also begin in the colon, if it is clean and able to function at its best.

A clean colon means easy bowel movements, better absorption of nutrients, especially if you're taking supplements, and overall improved health. Five years ago when I had my first colonoscopy, I was anxious. I hated the preparations before hand, and was concerned about the awkwardness and embarrassment of it. Of course, there was a vague concern that something might be discovered. Then what??

On the contrary, the colonic excited me. I was eager to experience it. I found it easy to follow the suggested diet plan in advance and was unconcerned a bout what might happen. Perhaps had I gone with a diagnosed condition, this mindset would have been substantially different.

It was no big deal. I had very little discomfort during the procedure as well as after. I definitely feel clean on the inside in a way I never knew before. I'll undergo 2 more colonics in the following weeks as part of my overall cleanse. I can highly recommend you consider having one too. It makes everything else you do for your health more accessible to your system.

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